Choosing a Perfect Wedding Photobooth: 6 Things to Look out for

A once-in-a-lifetime event, a wedding is a day when you celebrate your love, a day which you share with your close friends and loved ones. After months of wedding preparations and feelings of jitters and excitement, who wouldn't wish for their wedding to be perfect?

Having a wedding photo booth is becoming increasingly common in Singapore, due to the great entertainment value they bring to your guests during cocktail receptions, and the pieces of photo printouts guests can bring home as keepsakes.

Here's 6 things you should look out for to ensure a perfect photo booth for your wedding:


#1. Cameras and Lights

Undoubtedly the most important factor which affect the quality of your photo printouts (when used in the right hands). A professional DSLR camera works better than a point-and-shoot, producing a much better image quality due to a much bigger sensor. The correct lightings, similarly, determine the vibrancy of colours and luminosity of your printouts. Together, these two are powerful in making everyone exclaim in awe at the printouts.


#2. Props, Backdrop and Action

Of course, how do you expect your guests to pose glamorously/funkily without the proper props to hide away their shy side? Different props play an important aspect in bringing out the different sides in adults, while making the kids more excited than ever. Make sure to choose (or even customise) suitable props for the occasion. Throw in a glamorous backdrop to up the mood and you're good to go!


#3. Instant Prints

A no-brainer. Look out for photo booths with printers that do not match up to the speed of 'instantly' (as fast as 7 seconds per print) where guests can snap, take and go. You wouldn't want your guests to keep running in and out of your banquet just to check if their printouts are ready for collection! Unlimited prints are also essential in providing a printout for each and every guest in the photo, not to forget a choice of printout sizes for you to choose from to best suit your audience type.


#4. Soft Copies/ Online Gallery

Not every photo booth comes with a platform for your guests to download their photos in high-resolution. This is for the tech-savvy who would like to share their glamorous moments on social media and appreciates soft-copies more than just physical ones. All high-resolution photos should also be returned to you in a USB flash drive so you can have a keepsake of how your guests enjoyed your wedding as much as you did.


#5. Automated Booth with Widescreen Live View Display

Gone are the days of photo booths operated by a tripod and a photographer where guests are not able to see how they look like with their chosen props during that 10 seconds of fame. With a live view display smacked right in front of the guests, it is difficult not to capture their most glamorous side. Furthermore, without a photographer behind those lens, guests are more able to let down their hair and pose expressively without feeling shy. However, this does not mean that there is completely no human touch to the booth at all. Look out for photo booth ambassadors who will be there to guide your guests on interacting with the photo booth.


#6. Customisations

Everyone loves to be unique. Choose a photo booth which allows customisations. From the photo layout, the printout sizes, the props, the backdrops, to customisations of your own ideas, make sure you are able to personalise your photo booth for an unforgettable experience your guests will remember for years to come.


Armed with these 6 tips, you're now ready to embark on finding your perfect photo booth for your wedding. Are you making the right choice? Talk to us at Capche about your considerations or ideas for any themed photo booths and we'll make it happen.